Sam Pepper from Big Brother UK

Sam Pepper (Samuel Nicholas Pepper) entered the Big Brother house on day 52 as a replacement for Laura McAdam. He was included as a part of the “ignore the obvious” task where the housmates are told not to react to out-of-the-ordinary things that are placed in the house. He was generally viewed as an antagonistic a-hole but was popular due to his sense of humor. On day 73, he was evicted out of the Big Brother house with a total of 14.6% of the public vote.

Sam Pepper was born on march 26 1989. Sam Pepper was born and raised in Folkstone, Kent where he is a graffiti artist. He studied art in Pent Valley Technology College where he received a student of the year award for his art. He is an agnostic- a fact revealed to his other housemates prior to his arrival. 

Since Bigbrother, Sam has started his own youtube channel with his flatmate, George Kelly. Most of the videos involve him being in the streets of London and being part of certain events. He also authors gaming videos (COD & Minecraft) as well as videos involving his hedgehog, Mr. Pricklesworth.


Here are some videos of Sam Pepper.


Here is a video of Sam in his eviction from Big Brother.


Sam Pepper in his youtube videos.


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