Does Jack Harries smoke?

Jack Harries

Jack Harries Smoking


Jack Harries is generally healthy, however in a social situation he may smoke. There’s no point messaging him asking him to stop, it’s his life and he can make whatever choices he wants.

If you’ve ever been to Europe, you’d know the attitude towards smoking is very different to the US and other parts of the world. It’s a different culture.

Go to 4:21 in the Sam Pepper’s video below (behind Alfie):

Finn Harries Smoking


  1. amethyst says:

    that’s Finn though.

  2. Tom Vleeschhouwer says:

    Wel… In his younow of May 20th 2012 he said that he didn’t smoke and that he thought that smoking was unhealthy…

  3. Kaitlin says:

    I wonder if his parents.

  4. kettu says:

    in europe it’s quite normal for people to smoke as they go to bars and to get drinks even though they don’t smoke on a daily basis. I know many who do that.

  5. Anon. says:

    It’s true.. in europe its really normal if you smoke at parties etc. it doesnt mean ur a chain smoker.

  6. Leanna Salas says:

    What video is it?..

  7. L says:

    You say it’s normal in Europe, and that there is a different attitude towards smoking, that may be the case in a lot of European contries, england however has the same attitude a the US. I am not saying that he a bad person or anything I am just saying that why you said isn’t 100% correct. Sorry if that sounded mean I didn’t intend for that I just want to clear that up so that people don’t have a false impresion.

  8. Gemma says:

    Smoking is considered bad in Britain too.

  9. Caitlin Godfrey says:

    I see loads of people smoking, I live in England I know 12 or 13 year olds who smoke, its a bit rank but people do it, I don’t know if people smoke in US but its very common to see people smoking in England and there are smoking “areas” you can go to.

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