Does Jack Harries have a Girlfriend?

Jack Harries

No, Jack Harries is single.

Jack’s previous girlfriend was Ella Grace Denton. Jack and Ella broke up in early 2013. Ella has her own Youtube channel and makes weekly vlogs. Here are photos of Jack and Ella:

We know about two of Jack’s past girlfriends: Jess S and Laura.

Jess S was Jacks’ most recent girlfriend. They broke up in early 2012, before Jack’s wild success on Youtube. Her surname has been withheld for privacy reasons.

We don’t know anything further about Laura.

Here is Jack with Jess:
Jack Harries (Jacksgap) with previous girlfriend Jess S


  1. Ellie says:

    <3 Jack and Finn!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Jack is currently with Ella Grace Denton & Finn is with Jo Dunbar.

  3. priya says:

    ahhhhhhh man

  4. Maria says:

    Do they both seriously have girlfriends?!

  5. Kim Bonass says:

    Finn broke up with Jo Dunbar in February

  6. laura says:

    is jack still dating ella grace?

  7. OMGSERIOUSLY911 says:

    Can someone tell me if Finn is still dating Jo??

  8. Natalia says:

    I think Jack and Ella are cute together. He looks so happy!<3

  9. hannah(: says:

    I need answers!! D,:

  10. ~A says:

    Are the twins still dating?

  11. I'mMarriedToBothOfThem says:

    MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!! Lol jk but I am a little jealous… maybe more than a little.

  12. Sali says:

    Finn is now dating emma bates or something like that

  13. Emma says:


  14. Nicole says:

    Finn looks like he is dating a girl name Emma bates

  15. Devon says:

    Okay a video with jack harries and Caspar lee in it was posted on June 28th 2013 in the video jack said he is having trouble with the ladies this link was posted in April er go Jack and Ella Grace had to have broken up in between April and June simple I may be wrong but I highly doubt that

  16. AleRiz says:

    Are they still together?

  17. anonymous says:

    i just get a heart attack when i know about this. seriously, sad :'<

  18. Nicita says:

    Finn is with Emma Bates

  19. Annie Hall says:

    She looks just like him!!

  20. Molly s says:

    I think now, jack does not have a girlfriend.

  21. Brookie says:

    I don’t think he’s single because his Younow photo is a picture with him and her and his Facebook photo is a picture with her too. So dont you think he would change these photos if they were not dating each other. Also on harry crowders Instagram he posted a video recently of a girl with black nail polish flipping a note pad book (while finn and jack are in the background); and so if u look at Ella’s Instagram in her recent photos she’s wearing black nail polish.

  22. anonymous says:

    Good Jack is mine

  23. Ivy says:

    Personally, i think ella and jack have broken up now especially theyve been spending so much time apart and ella posted a photo of her ‘boyfriend’ on twitter though im not sure if it’s pure sarcasm or a fact. Jess’ last name is Snaith (sorry for saying hehe) and I think Jess and Jack were so happy together.. With Finn, Im not so sure hhee

  24. Camila says:

    I dont know if Jack and ella are still dating but Im pretty sure that Finn is with Emma I saw a picture of them recently at emma’s facebook…

  25. Anon says:

    Finn broke up with Jo early this year, but currently he is daring a girl called Emma Bates. And I think Ella and Jack broke up but not early this year because there are pictures in which he is with Ella in New York and they travel there on April. Maybe they broke up on July by the time she announced she was moving to Australia.

  26. girl says:

    Jack is in a relationship with A.G. its on wikipedia….:O

  27. Duda says:

    People of the internet, the fact is that: Jack still with Ella and Finn is with Emma Bates. I really think that doesn’t is a good source. How they can say that Jack broke with Ella when he posted on vk that they are dating?

  28. Juliette says:

    Actually, I think there’s something going out between Jack and Ella because I found her in facebook and in her profile picture updated the 10th of october has a like from finn and jack. And on Jack’s profile there’s a photo of the 10th of June with two guys, Finn and hugging Ella, so…

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