Who is Finn Harries’ Girlfriend?

Finn Harries Jacksgap

Finn (the better twin) is single.

Finn Harries Jo DunbarFinn Harries was dating Jo Dunbar, however they recently broke up (see the comments below). The blonde hottie works part time at Moodles wedding caterers and Marquees while pursuing a degree at University of Nottingham. She currently resides in Nottingham.

The relationship became official in September, 2012 and ended in 2013.

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Finn Harries with Jo Dunbar and Jack Harries


  1. ginajoy says:

    are they still together? they’re so adorable together :)

  2. tabinda says:

    its @15:06

  3. Does jack have a girlfriend?

  4. forever alone says:

    what the fuck? :c

  5. alena says:

    are they still dateinga

  6. Anna JM says:

    Finn has a new flirt called Emma Bates file:///Users/Anna-Lotta/Desktop/Skjermbilde%202013-06-21%20kl.%2021.47.28.png

  7. E says:

    Finn is dating Emma Bates, you can see them holding hands in a video from Jamal Edwards’ talk (i think it’s on tedtalk or something)

  8. sho says:

    Finn is dating Emma Bates – she has her own blog. There’s a video of them holding hands at a TedTalk, and on her blog she said that her, her boyfriend, his brother, and a friend went to the park and that was the same day that Jack and Caspar put up the video of the one direction pickup lines.

  9. ShayShay says:

    Finn has been with Emma Bates since May 2013. Jack is still dating Ella because Ella and Emma are facebook friends and Emma often tweets Ella.
    Here is Emma’s blog: http://mylondonlifestyleblog.blogspot.co.uk/
    You can see Finn’s ring in many pictures. Emma goes to King’s College and has recently moved near Fulham Broadway.

  10. mckenna_love says:

    I dont like emma or ella.. lol NO!

  11. Islay says:

    can I say that finn looks adorable in that picture haha

  12. Juliette says:

    Actually, he’s not single, he’s dating Emma Bates, I find her facebook and her profile picture is one with Finn, updated the 28th of november (2 days ago)

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